Tenant Recharge

Are you the Landlord of a multi-let building where tenants share the main electricity, gas and/or water meter to the building?


Tenant Recharge

GTC are able to assist you with your tenant apportionment requirements.

GTC offer bespoke tenant recharge solutions to a number of multi-let buildings around the country. All that we require is a copy of each invoice that you receive along with the sub-meter readings on a monthly basis to provide a bespoke template for your approval.

Please get in touch to discuss how GTC can assist moving forward.

  • We take the information and figures from your supplier invoices to determine an average pence per unit which can be charged to each tenant for their usage.
  • From here, we will use the tenant sub-meter readings to determine their usage and provide a detailed report to you showing tenant usage, percentage recovery and an invoice for each tenant that you can distribute to them for payment.
  • Some multi-let properties do not have sub-meters for each tenant. In this instance, we can setup a recharge based on floor area percentage so that charges can be recovered from the tenants.
  • In the case that you do not have sub-meters at your property, GTC can arrange a quote to install tenant sub-meters in order to ensure that the tenants are billed accurately.

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