kVA Monitoring

You could be paying too much if your kVA is not set to the right amount.

kVA Monitoring

What is kVA?

kVA relates to the amount of electrical load that a meter can feed to a property or site at one time and is the abbreviation of Kilo Volt Amperes. This is billed by suppliers separately to the usage on your invoice. Every half hourly supply has an assigned kVA amount and the supplier will then charge a set amount for this. Some suppliers charge in ‘pence per kVA per day’ whereas some prefer to invoice in ‘pound per kVA per month’.

Two separate supplies with a similar annual usage can show varying kVA amounts. The first supply may use a vast amount of their usage in one single day of the week whereas the second supply may have consistent day to day usage. As kVA is based on the amount of electrical load that can be supplied at one time, the first supply will need to be assigned a higher kVA amount as the load required at one time will be more.

If your kVA is set at the wrong amount, you will be paying more than you need to for these charges. Suppliers have an excessive capacity charge that will take effect if you use more than your allocated amount. These charges are considerably higher than the normal contract charges. If it is set too high, you will be paying for kVA that you are not using.

How can GTC help you?

  • GTC will generate a report showing the total kVA that your supply has used in the past 12 to 24 months.
  • Following this, we will be able to advise how the kVA that you are using compares to the kVA that your supply is set at.
  • If your kVA is set too high for what is required, GTC will provide a recommendation of what to drop this too.
  • If your kVA is set too low for what is required, GTC will provide a recommendation of what to increase this too and assist with the application to the electricity distributor when applying for this.
  • We will proactively monitor this on a month by month basis to ensure that any changes in required load are picked up.

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