Business Rates with GTC

The cost of occupying a property is probably the largest single overhead facing your business. Business Rates are the largest part of that overhead.


Business Rates

Our specialist rating team of Chartered Surveyors work in partnership with the sole aim of reducing the cost of occupying your premises.

Our Surveyors have one of the most experienced rating team of any firm in the UK with experience in this field since the early 1970’s and currently representing over £100 million of rateable value for commercial ratepayers, providing a local knowledgeable service for keeping rates payable to a minimum.

The cost of occupying a property is one of the largest overheads facing your business. Managing this cost can be complex and time consuming, many economic and political factors affect how your rateable value is set, which is why our aim is very simple: to save you money.

Our objective of reducing a client’s overall rates payable, involves us taking a national and local perspective of the issues and opportunities that ultimately influence appeal outcomes.

GTC Management can assist in the following aspects of your business rates requirements:

  • Close working relationship and contact with the Valuation Office with daily progress updates via our software.
  • Identifying external and internal factors around a property to identify opportunities for new or additional appeals to be lodged leading to permanent or temporary rate savings.
  • Performing a time consuming but essential service in checking rate demand bills and their calculation.
  • Monitoring matters that trigger effective dates and checking on refunds.
  • Comprehensive savings reports and updates when required, backed up by personal client account managers.

Our team has appealed many cases and this has already resulted in numerous appeal successes with backdated refunds being paid to clients. As current rating legislation restricts ratepayers to only one appeal per compiled list entry, it is imperative to get it right first time. It is crucial to employ a firm with the right level of expertise, who has a large number of clients with successful appeals already in the system, as evidence can be crucial to an outcome from rating appeal negotiations.

We have surveyors who are former Valuation Officers and consequently have an insight into how both sides of the negotiating process works. If you would like more information on the procedure and a way forward with your appeal on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis and free consultation with our specialist rates team on whether an assessment could or should be appealed call us now!