GTC Telecom Reductions

'The biggest disadvantage with dealing direct with a provider is that they will never tell you what another provider is doing better or cheaper'

In the last ten years, the telecommunications industry has moved forward at an incredible pace.As communication and e-commerce have become increasingly important in all business infrastructures, telecoms packages and solutions are constantly having to be reviewed.

As more and more products have become available, telecoms providers have tended to specialise to concentrate on particular markets. Close controls and regulation of the major networks by Ofcom has successfully lead to increasingly competitive costs in all areas, in fact the cost of a UK National call is now, on average, less than 30% of what it would have cost ten years ago and calls to mobiles are over 50% cheaper.

GTC can assist clients of all sizes with their telecoms requirements. Using 'in house' experience and expertise and by adopting a fully independent approach, GTC can identify and recommend the most appropriate cost effective solution or simply make an introduction to the most appropriate supplier.

Unlike other utilities, in telecoms, the cheapest solution is not always the best. GTC considers quality service to be paramount and works on the simple principle that if a client cannot make a call, they cannot make money. For this reason, only the highest quality providers are recommended.

GTC can assist in the following aspects of a client's telecommunications requirements:

  • All types of line provision - Analogue, ISDN, ADSL & Direct Connect.
  • Call saving packages - Depending on size, aggregated solutions using different carriers for different calls and one bill, are arranged.
  • Internet & Networking Solutions.
  • Hardware and system installation.
  • System Maintenance.
  • VoIP & Other related internet products.

The more GTC gets to know its clients, the better the service they can offer. If any new or relevant products are introduced to the marketplace, GTC can identify which clients may be interested in further assistance or information.

Use Effective cost management to produce the best possible results