GTC Electric Cost Reductions

'Using a Utility specialist when renewing contracts is the only course of action for business clients in todays marketplace'

Even though electricity price fluctuations have been so dramatic over the last few years, some businesses have faced increases higher than anyone could have predicted when renewing contracts. Additionally, it is not unusual for variations in prices to be equally high with some tender reports showing a major difference between the best and worst offers.

Many clients have their electricity brokered by GTC for these reasons alone but the service offered by GTC provides more than simply controlling costs.

  • GTC will obtain and check all relevant current contracts with suppliers.
  • GTC will issue appropriate notices, relevant to the contract, at the correct time. This is to ensure no contractual objections can be raised if a change of supplier with a more competitive price is negotiated.
  • GTC will time the tender processing and , if possible, group together with other similar profile clients to maximise influence with suppliers.
  • GTC works with all major UK electricity suppliers and requests bespoke tenders for all clients.
  • GTC will utilise best offers to renegotiate with existing supplier and present recommendations in concise report to client.
  • GTC will arrange and check all suppliers contracts before presenting for signature to the client.
  • GTC will assist in any alterations on queries which may take place during the length of the contract.

Use Effective cost management to produce the best possible results