Case Studies

Case Study 1

EDF submitted Invoices to Savills for one of their clients based in Sale, Cheshire. These Invoices covered the previous 6 months for a Half Hourly electricity meter. Further inspection showed that the supply was being charged on out of contract rates ranging from 9p to 26p per Unit. The total value of the Invoices was over £135k. GTC immediately contacted EDF to object not only to the late issue of the Invoices but also the fact that out of contract rates were being charged. After extensive negotiations EDF agreed on contracted rates that were back-dated to cover all outstanding Invoices. This ensured a credit of over £84k was issued as well as a new 12 month agreement on excellent rates.

Case Study 2

After receiving instructions from a new client based in Middlesex (Devonshire Developments Ltd) GTC determined that they were being charged out of contract rates by N Power. This was disappointing as N Power had previously had them on contract rates but allowed them to go on to deemed rates without advising other options. GTC contacted N Power and agreed a new 12 month contract that included the new rates being back-dated 6 months which lead to N Power crediting the client £22,800